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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/24/2000
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Corporation shall have irrevocably deposited funds or certificates with a
designated bank or trust company pursuant to Section 4.4, the Corporation may,
at its sole option, at any time prior to the earliest of (i) the close of
business on that day which is two (2) Trading Days following such Redemption
Rescission Event, (ii) the time and date fixed for redemption as set forth in
such notice and (iii) the time and date on which the Corporation shall have
irrevocably deposited such funds with a designated bank or trust company,
rescind the redemption under Section 4.1(b)(i) to which such notice of
redemption shall have related by making a public announcement of such rescission
(the date on which such public announcement shall have been made being
hereinafter referred to as the "Rescission Date"). The Corporation shall be
deemed to have made such announcement if it shall issue a release to the Dow
Jones News Service, Reuters Information Services or any successor news wire
service. From and after the making of such announcement, the Corporation shall
have no obligation to redeem shares of this Series called for redemption
pursuant to such notice of redemption or to pay the redemption price therefor
and all rights of holders of shares of this Series shall be restored as if such
notice of redemption had not been given. The Corporation shall give notice of
any such rescission by one of the means specified in Section 7.2 as promptly as
practicable, but in no event later than the close of business on that date which
is five (5) Trading Days following the Rescission Date to each record holder of
shares of this Series at the close of business on the Rescission Date and to any
other Person or entity that was a record holder of shares of this Series and
that shall have surrendered shares of this Series for conversion following the
giving of notice of the subsequently rescinded redemption. Each notice of
rescission shall (w) state that the redemption described in the notice of
redemption has been rescinded, (x) state that any Converting Holder shall be
entitled to rescind the conversion of shares of this Series surrendered for
conversion following the day on which notice of redemption was given but prior
to the close of business on the later of (1) the Trading Day next succeeding the
date on which public announcement of the rescission of such redemption shall
have been made and (2) the Trading Day on which the Corporation's notice of
rescission is deemed given pursuant to Section 7.2, (y) be accompanied by a form
prescribed by the Corporation to be used by any Converting Holder rescinding the
conversion of shares so surrendered for conversion (and instructions for the
completion and delivery of such form, including instructions with respect to
payments that may be required to accompany such delivery shall be in accordance
with Section 3.5) and (z) state that such form must be