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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/24/2000
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holder of Surrendered Shares. Upon receipt by the Corporation of any such form
properly completed by a Converting Holder and any certificates, securities,
evidences of indebtedness, assets or cash payments required to be returned or
made by such Converting Holder to the Corporation as set forth above, the
Corporation shall instruct the transfer agent or agents for shares of Common
Stock and shares of this Series to cancel any certificates representing
Surrendered Shares (which Surrendered Shares shall be deposited in the treasury
of the Corporation) and reissue certificates representing shares of this Series
to such Converting Holder (which shares of this Series shall be deemed to have
been outstanding at all times during the period following their surrender for
conversion). The Corporation shall, as promptly as practicable, and in no event
more than five (5) Trading Days, following the receipt of any such properly
completed form and any such certificates, securities, evidences of indebtedness,
assets or cash payments required to be so returned or made, pay to the
Converting Holder or as otherwise directed by such Converting Holder any
dividend or other payment made on such shares during the period from the time
such shares shall have been surrendered for conversion to the rescission of such
conversion. All questions as to the validity, form, eligibility (including time
or receipt) and acceptance of any form submitted to the Corporation to rescind
the conversion of shares of this Series, including questions as to the proper
completion or execution of any such form or any certification contained therein,
shall be resolved by the Corporation, whose determination shall be final and
binding. The Corporation shall not be required to deliver certificates for
shares of Common Stock while the stock transfer books for such stock or for this
Series are duly closed for any purpose or during any period commencing at a
Redemption Rescission Event and ending at either (i) the time and date at which
the Corporation's right of rescission shall expire pursuant to Section 4.5 if
the Corporation shall not have exercised such right or (ii) the close of
business on that day which is ten (10) Trading Days following the date on which
the Corporation's notice of rescission pursuant to Section 4.4 is deemed given
pursuant to Section 7.2 if the Corporation shall have exercised such right of
rescission, but certificates for shares of Common Stock shall be delivered as
soon as practicable after the opening of such books or the expiration of such

          3.6  The Conversion Rate shall be adjusted from time to time as
follows for events occurring after the