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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/24/2000
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   SECTION 4. Proxies in Respect of Stock or Other Securities of Other
Corporations. The Board or any committee thereof shall designate the officers
of the Corporation who shall have authority from time to time to appoint an
agent or agents of the Corporation to exercise in the name and on behalf of the
Corporation the powers and rights which the Corporation may have as the holder
of stock or other securities in any other corporation or other entity, and to
vote or consent in respect of such stock or securities; such designated
officers may instruct the person or persons so appointed as to the manner of
exercising such powers and rights; and such designated officers may execute or
cause to be executed in the name and on behalf of the Corporation and under its
corporate seal, or otherwise, such written proxies, powers of attorney or other
instruments as they may deem necessary or proper in order that the Corporation
may exercise its said powers and rights.
   SECTION 5. Subject to Law and Certificate of Incorporation. All powers,
duties and responsibilities provided for in these By-laws, whether or not
explicitly so qualified, are qualified by the provisions of the Certificate and
applicable laws.