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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/24/2000
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          the dividend with respect to the Common Stock (including treatment of
          fractional shares); and

               (iii)  if the Corporation pays the dividend in accordance with
          clauses (i) and (ii) above, there shall not be any adjustment to the
          Formula Number by reason of such dividend with respect to the Common

               (f) If a distribution is made in accordance with the provisions
     of Section 2.2, anything in this Section 2.4 to the contrary
     notwithstanding, no adjustment pursuant to this Section 2.4 shall be
     effected by reason of the distribution of such assets, property,
     securities, rights, options or warrants or the subsequent modification,
     exercise, expiration or termination of such securities, rights, options or

          3.  Conversion at the Option of the Holder.

          3.1  Each holder of a share of this Series shall have the right at any
time to convert such share of this Series into either: (i) a number of shares of
Common Stock per share of this Series equal to the Formula Number in effect on
the Conversion Date or (ii) one share of Series LMC Common Stock per share of
this Series; provided, however, that such holder may convert shares of this
             --------  -------                                             
Series only to the extent that the ownership by such holder or its designee of
the shares of Common Stock or Series LMC Common Stock issuable upon such
conversion would not violate the Communications Laws.

          3.2  No adjustments in respect of payments of dividends on shares of
this Series surrendered for conversion or any dividend on the Common Stock or
Series LMC Common Stock issued upon conversion shall be made upon the conversion
of any shares of this Series (it being understood that if the Conversion Date
for shares of this Series occurs after the Record Date and prior to the Dividend
Payment Date of any such dividend, the holders of record of shares of this
Series on such Record Date shall be entitled to receive the dividend payable
with respect to such shares on the related Dividend Payment Date pursuant to
Section 2.1).

          3.3  The Corporation may, but shall not be required to, in connection
with any conversion of shares of this Series into shares of Common Stock, issue
a fraction of a share of Common Stock, and if the Corporation shall determine
not to issue any such fraction, the Corporation