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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4 on 02/11/2000
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   Under Delaware law, holders of the Time Warner series common stock and Time
Warner preferred stock who submit a written demand for appraisal of their
shares and who comply with the applicable statutory procedures under Delaware
law (including, in the case of Time Warner preferred stockholders, not voting
in favor of adoption of the merger agreement) will be entitled to appraisal
rights and to receive payment in cash for the fair market value of their shares
as determined by the Delaware Chancery Court. A summary of the applicable
requirements of Delaware law is contained in the accompanying joint proxy
statement-prospectus under the caption "The Merger-Appraisal Rights." In
addition, the text of the applicable provisions of Delaware law is attached as
Annex I to this joint proxy statement-prospectus.
                                          By Order of the Board of Directors,
                                          Christopher P. Bogart
New York, New York
[      ]  , 2000