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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4 on 02/11/2000
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Q: Can I change my vote after I have delivered my proxy?
A: Yes. You can change your vote at any time before your proxy is voted at the
   special meeting. You can do this in one of three ways. First, you can revoke
   your proxy. Second, you can submit a new proxy. If you choose either of
   these two methods, you must submit your notice of revocation or your new
   proxy to the secretary of America Online or Time Warner, as appropriate,
   before the special meeting. If your shares are held in an account at a
   brokerage firm or bank, you should contact your brokerage firm or bank to
   change your vote. Third, if you are a holder of record, you can attend the
   special meeting and vote in person. If you submit your proxy or voting
   instructions electronically through the Internet or by telephone, you can
   change your vote by submitting a proxy at a later date, using the same
   procedures, in which case your later submitted proxy will be recorded and
   your earlier proxy revoked.
Q: Should I send in my stock certificates now?
A: No. After the merger is completed, you will receive written instructions
   from the exchange agent on how to exchange your stock certificates for
   shares of AOL Time Warner. Please do not send in your stock certificates
   with your proxy.
Q: Who is the exchange agent for the merger?
A: [      ] is the exchange agent.
Q: Where will my shares of AOL Time Warner common stock be listed?
A: We intend to apply to list the AOL Time Warner common stock on the New York
   Stock Exchange under the symbol "AOL."
Q: Will I receive dividends on my AOL Time Warner shares?
A: AOL Time Warner does not currently intend to pay dividends on its common
   stock. AOL Time Warner will pay dividends on each series of its preferred
   stock in accordance with their terms.
Q: When do you expect the merger to be completed?
A: We are working to complete the merger as quickly as possible. We expect to
   complete the merger during the fall of 2000.