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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form S-4 on 02/11/2000
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  .  MovieFone, Inc., the nation's No. 1 movie guide and ticketing service
     provided through an interactive telephone service and on the AOL service
     and the Internet; and
  .  Internet music brands, Winamp and SHOUTcast.
   The AOL International Group oversees the AOL and CompuServe services outside
the United States, as well as the Netscape Online service in the United
   The Netscape Enterprise Group focuses on providing businesses with a range
of software products, technical support, consulting and training services.
These products and services enable businesses and users to share information,
manage networks and facilitate electronic commerce.
   America Online also has a strategic alliance with Sun Microsystems, Inc., a
leader in network computing products and services, to accelerate the growth of
electronic commerce. Through the alliance, the two companies develop and market
to business enterprises, client software and network application and server
software for electronic commerce, extended communities and connectivity,
including software based in part on the Netscape Enterprise Group code base, on
Sun code and technology and on certain America Online services features.
   Recent Developments. On December 21, 1999, America Online and,
Inc. entered into a merger agreement pursuant to which MapQuest, a leader in
online destination information solutions, will become a wholly owned subsidiary
of America Online. The merger is subject to customary conditions, including
regulatory consents and MapQuest stockholder approval, and is expected to be
completed prior to the merger of America Online and Time Warner.
   America Online has been named as a defendant in several putative class
action lawsuits. These lawsuits contend that consumers and competing Internet
service providers have been injured because of the default selection features
in AOL 5.0. These cases are at a preliminary stage, but America Online does not
believe they have merit and intends to contest them vigorously.