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HISTORIC TW INC filed this Form 425 on 04/04/2000
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-  Teamwork

We like to play on a team, and it actually makes us much more comfortable.  It's
the only way you got from being very  small to almost  nonexistent  in the early
'70s to being  where we were three  years ago when we merged with Time Warner to
where we are today with three years of solid 20  percent-plus  growth each year.
And you only get that way by pulling together and having these vision and values
that we all know is the ultimate way to succeed.

W. THOMAS JOHNSON - Chairman, President and CEO, CNN News Group

-  News You Can Trust

The heritage of journalistic  integrity is the most important  element for me in
the new consortium,  the new collection of companies.  We must be able to assure
our viewers,  our readers and now all of our online  interactive  customers that
what we're producing,  is accurate,  that it is information that can be trusted.
And in an  increasingly  fragmented  world,  I think these brands that stand for
quality will be the best brands in the market place for the advertisers, for the
cable  subscribers  and  for  those  who  are the  subscribers  of all the  new,
interactive services.

-  A Great Fit

This merger will definitely serve consumers around the world.

It's a great fit. I think it's a wonderful, strategic concept and it's up to all
of us to take that concept and really make it into an exciting new reality.

I consider this like a great leap forward into the digital, new frontiers.  They
are a dynamic  group of people.  We know that.  They have already  established a
terrific  group of  services  and for us at CNN,  it's a chance  for us to be on
platforms  and a  secured  distribution  in ways  that we  otherwise  could  not

JEFFREY L. BEWKES - Chairman and CEO, Home Box Office

-  The Shape of Things to Come

We know that this is  transformative.  There is no other  company that will have
what Time Warner and AOL have.  Each one is unique,  you put them  together even
more so.

What we're all excited  about is that there are things that are possible that we
do together that we couldn't think of when we were apart.

And that's the essence of the digital revolution.

DON LOGAN - Chairman and CEO, Time Inc.

-  Time Inc. and AOL

I think the  opportunity to work across  divisional  lines are even greater with
AOL coming into the  picture as compared to before.  All of our groups are going
to have and have to deal with the electronic world and our core businesses as we
go forward.  Everybody.  I mean,  it's a part of our future.  And as a result we
have the  experts  there.  It's that we have the group that has the  brand,  the
size, the scale, the clout, the reach, the know-how.  You know, they can enhance
and help all of our other businesses.