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HISTORIC TW INC filed this Form 425 on 04/04/2000
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-  The Networked Society

I think for the consumer  we're living at a time where  there's the capacity now
to  make  life  simpler,  more  efficient,  and  more  meaningful.  There's  the
television set, there's a personal computer, there's a telephone, there might be
a music stereo  system.  All of these are being woven  together,  including  the
ability  to  communicate  when I'm  travelling  and not  tethered  to some  home
appliance.  So that I can do all the things that I need to do every day.  It's a
very exciting opportunity.

-  Commitment To Make A Difference

One of the extraordinary  opportunities  here is not just trying to provide more
universal  access to what's  currently  available,  but also to create new links
between, for example,  school and the home for the sake of our children, I mean,
it would be an  enormous  benefit.  So now in the  context of AOL Time Warner we
think,  with  our  values  and our  social  commitment  and our  drive to make a
difference and to really influence public policy,  that we have a platform to do

R.E. TURNER - Vice Chairman, Time Warner Inc.

-  Integrate and Execute

I'm really excited about the AOL/Time  Warner merger.  Time Warner's  leadership
position in information and  entertainment is matched with AOL's  preeminence on
the Internet.  And don't forget our  distribution  advantage  with Time Warner's
broadband cable. The challenge now is to integrate and to execute.

RICHARD D. PARSONS - President, Time Warner Inc.

-  People: Our Essential Resource

Underlying  the  success  of both AOL and  Time  Warner  is the  same  essential
resource,  and that is talented,  innovative  people who are  committed to their
work and to making a difference.  And by bringing  these people  together in one
company, we are creating an enterprise of truly unlimited possibilities.

-  Anytime, Anywhere

This is a new way to reach a broader audience with your content,  so that we can
now take our movies and our  television  and our music and really reach  anyone,
anywhere in the world through the medium of the Internet. The combination of our
entertainment  content assets and AOL's broad and deep penetration of the online
world is not only going to enable us to move our content  before more  consumers
around the world,  anytime,  anywhere,  but it's going to make the Internet that
much more a popular place to come for not only information, but for recreation.

-  Creating Greater Literacy

When you add to availability,  compelling content and ease of use, which is what
AOL  brings,  that it will  just  make  this  thing  called  the  Internet,  and
familiarity  with it and use of it, more  ubiquitous in all of our  communities,
and that will help shrink the divide. What can we do, not just in the pursuit of
our  business,  but  through   corporate-citizenship-type   involvement  in  the
communities,  to educate people,  and to create greater literacy around computer
skills and Internet access and understanding.