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AT&T INC. filed this Form 425 on 11/09/2016
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Subject Company: Time Warner Inc.
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Event Name: AT&T Inc. at Wells Fargo Technology, Media & Telecom Conference
Event Date: 2016-11-09

P: Jennifer Fritzsche; Wells Fargo Securities, LLC; Analyst
C: John Stephens; AT&T Inc.; Senior EVP, CFO

Jennifer Fritzsche^ Okay. Well, welcome, everyone. We welcome you to the Wells Fargo TMT conference for 2016. For those of you who I don't know, I'm Jennifer Fritzsche; I'm the senior telecom equity analyst.

I guess -- wow, timing is everything. While we've all had a lot of scenarios play out unlike we thought, and a clear November surprise, it's a great time to digest what's going to happen in the next coming days. Of course, I am referring to our great Chicago Cubbies and their recent World Series win.

But I'm so happy to have at this conference, opening up, one of the biggest baseball fans I know in John Stephens, the CFO of AT&T. So welcome, John. I'm going to come join you. So welcome.

John Stephens^ Thank you, Jennifer. We appreciate you inviting us.

Jennifer Fritzsche^ Politics aside, John, maybe just getting the question out of the way, obviously a big night last night, with the Republicans now taking the Presidential seat and both sides of Congress. Am I right in saying that -- it's early to digest, I know -- but typically in a Republican administration they are very pro-business, in favor of many of the things you're already doing -- infrastructure, investments. What are your thoughts?

John Stephens^ Well, first of all, Jennifer, once again thank you for having us here, and let me get a couple of the normal items out of the way. Today's conversations may include some forward-looking statements, some statements that have risk and may or may not occur in reality. So looking forward we suggest you go to our website and our other public filings.

With regard to the election, it was a long night. We were all up and captivated by the activity last night.

From a Company perspective, we really look forward to working with President-elect Trump and his transition team. His policies and his discussions about infrastructure investment, economic development, and American innovation all fit right in with AT&T's goals.

We've been the leading investor in this country for more than five years running, and our Time Warner transaction is all about innovation and economic development, consumer choice, and investment in infrastructure with regard to providing a great 5G mobile broadband experience. So we look forward with optimism to working with the leadership and providing benefits to consumers and to our shareholders.

Jennifer Fritzsche^ All right, thanks. Well, some other big news. You've also been very, very busy on the Time Warner front. Maybe let's go on to that question.

I guess the main people -- question I get from investors is: What drove AT&T's desire to own content?
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