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AT&T INC. filed this Form 425 on 11/09/2016
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We also believe it will put us in a different competitive position with the rest of the wireless industry. Remember, this innovation that will come out of the content and distribution assets being brought together will certainly benefit consumers, but it's also going to benefit our enterprise businesses in a better ability to advertise, better ability to provide service.

If you think about the Internet of Things and healthcare and having an ability to transmit video very efficiently and effectively, it's going to help healthcare service providers to provide care to individuals in remote locations or outside of that doctor's office. All of those kinds of things, all of these different aspects of this innovation are really positive.

But we do believe that our collection of assets -- wired, satellite, wireless, and content -- are going to provide us a unique opportunity to innovate, to invest, provide consumers choice. And when you do that, you ultimately can win for your shareholders.

Jennifer Fritzsche^ I know you didn't offer any revenue synergies and that's [added] on. But could advertising -- I mean, you haven't talked a lot about advertising yet. I feel like your AdWorks has gone under the radar and you're doing more than meets the eye there. Is AdWorks --?

John Stephens^ AdWorks is $1.5 billion revenue stream. It's growing at double digits. It's the combination of the U-verse and the DTV separate efforts, but taking the best of both companies, putting it together, and leveraging it on the node. 25 million customer base.

So that's one. And yes, we're real proud of it. The team is doing great. We've got to keep doing it.

$1.5 billion growing at double digits is really, really significant. By the same token, we're a big Company; so sometimes it doesn't get the attention that it really deserves.

Secondly, with regard to the data that we have within our systems about what people watch, and what people see, and what they are spending time on, watching video, there's a lot of different benefits. One is, now the content creators of Warner Bros. Studios or the content owners, the Turner Networks or HBO, can now have real-time, real-live data about what people want. So it can help them make better choices in the choice of shows and the productions of shows and the types of shows.

It can also help them reduce costs with regard to a higher success rate means a lower cost for each success. So that's really important.

But absolutely: once you have that information and can get more directed advertisings and improve CPMs and make it more effective, you can do a couple of things. One, you can sell better advertising to your business customers, such that they can get a lot more value.

But you can also use that and possibly reinvest it to make different consumer offerings that are much more attractive from a financial perspective to the ultimate consumer customer. And that's how the consumer wins out of that transaction.
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