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TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM INC filed this Form 424B3 on 11/29/2016
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Although DTC, Clearstream and Euroclear have agreed to the foregoing procedures to facilitate transfers of the notes among participants of DTC, Clearstream and Euroclear, they are under no obligation to perform or continue to perform such procedures and such procedures may be changed or discontinued at any time.

Certificated Notes

We will issue certificated notes to each person that DTC identifies as the beneficial owner of the notes represented by the global notes upon surrender by DTC of the global notes if:


    DTC notifies us that it is no longer willing or able to act as a depositary for the global notes or ceases to be a clearing agency registered under the Exchange Act, and we have not appointed a successor depositary within 90 days of that notice or becoming aware that DTC is no longer so registered;


    an event of default has occurred and is continuing, and DTC requests the issuance of certificated notes; or


    we determine not to have the notes represented by global notes.

Neither we nor the trustee will be liable for any delay by DTC, its nominee or any direct or indirect participant in identifying the beneficial owners of the related notes. We and the trustee may conclusively rely on, and will be protected in relying on, instructions from DTC or its nominee for all purposes, including with respect to the registration, delivery and principal amount of the certificated notes to be issued.