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TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM INC filed this Form 424B5 on 11/30/2016
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The applicable prospectus supplement will disclose the terms of each series of debt securities in respect of which such prospectus supplement is being delivered, including the following:


    the designation, issue date, currency or currency unit of payment if other than U.S. dollars and authorized denominations of such debt securities, if other than U.S. $1,000 and integral multiples thereof;


    the aggregate principal amount offered and any limit on any future issues of additional debt of the same series;


    the date or dates on which such debt securities will mature (which may be fixed or extendible);


    the rate or rates (or manner of calculation thereof), if any, per annum at which such debt securities will bear interest;


    the dates, if any, on which such interest will be payable;


    the terms of any mandatory or optional redemption (including any sinking, purchase or analogous fund) and any purchase at the option of Holders (including whether any such purchase may be paid in cash, common stock or other securities or property);


    the terms of any mandatory or optional conversion or exchange provisions;


    whether such debt securities will be issued in the form of global securities and, if so, the identity of the depositary with respect to such global securities; and


    any other specific terms.

We may issue debt securities of any series at various times and we may reopen any series for further issuances from time to time without notice to existing Holders of securities of that series.

Some of the debt securities may be issued as original issue discount debt securities. Original issue discount debt securities bear no interest or bear interest at below-market rates. These are sold at a discount below their stated principal amount. If we issue these securities, the prospectus supplement will describe any special tax, accounting or other information that we think is important. We encourage you to consult with your own tax and financial advisors on these important matters.

Unless we specify otherwise in the applicable prospectus supplement, the covenants contained in the Indenture do not provide special protection to Holders of debt securities if we enter into a highly leveraged transaction, recapitalization or restructuring.

Unless otherwise set forth in the prospectus supplement, interest on outstanding debt securities will be paid to Holders of record on the date that is 15 days prior to the date such interest is to be paid, or, if not a business day, the next preceding business day. Unless otherwise specified in the prospectus supplement, debt securities will be issued in fully registered form only. Unless otherwise specified in the prospectus supplement, the principal amount of the debt securities will be payable at the corporate trust office of the Trustee in New York, New York. The debt securities may be presented for transfer or exchange at such office unless otherwise specified in the prospectus supplement, subject to the limitations provided in the Indenture, without any service charge, but we may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charges payable in connection therewith.


Under the Guarantee (as defined below) of Historic TW, Historic TW, as primary obligor and not merely as surety, will fully, irrevocably and unconditionally guarantee to each Holder of debt securities and to the Trustee and its successors and assigns (1) the full and punctual payment of principal of and interest on the debt securities when due, whether at maturity, by acceleration, by redemption or otherwise, and all other monetary obligations