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WARNER MEDIA, LLC filed this Form 10-K on 03/28/2003
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segment recognized approximately $8.4 billion of goodwill and approximately $230 million of subscriber lists, which will be amortized over a useful life of 5 years with no residual value. At January 31, 2002, AOL Europe had $573 million of debt which was subsequently refinanced with AOL Time Warner debt carrying lower interest rates. Additionally, in February 2002, certain redeemable preferred securities previously issued by AOL Europe were redeemed for $255 million. AOL Europe’s remaining $725 million of preferred securities are required to be redeemed in April 2003 for $812 million including accrued dividends, in cash, AOL Time Warner common stock, or a combination thereof, at the discretion of the Company (Note 11). The Company has completed its valuation process for these intangible assets and the allocation of the purchase price has been finalized.

2001 Transactions

      In 2001, AOL Time Warner acquired businesses for an aggregated purchase price of approximately $2.2 billion, substantially all of which was paid in cash during the year. Of these amounts, approximately $1.6 billion relates to the October acquisition of 100% of IPC Group Limited, the parent company of IPC Media (“IPC”), and approximately $285 million, net of cash acquired, relates to the December acquisition of approximately an additional 60% interest in Synapse Group Inc. (“Synapse”). IPC is the leading consumer magazine publisher in the United Kingdom with approximately 80 titles, including Woman’s Own, Marie Claire and Horse & Hound. The financial results of IPC have been included in AOL Time Warner’s consolidated results since October 1, 2001. Synapse is a leading U.S. magazine subscription agent. AOL Time Warner had a previous ownership interest in Synapse of approximately 20%, which was accounted for using the equity method of accounting. The results of Synapse have been included in the consolidated results of AOL Time Warner since December 1, 2001. In connection with the purchase price allocation, the Publishing segment recognized approximately $1.9 billion of goodwill and approximately $256 million of intangible assets. The intangible assets that are subject to amortization will be amortized over a useful life of primarily 5 years. In addition, during 2001, AOL Time Warner completed the acquisitions of Business 2.0, eVoice, Inc., InfoInteractive Inc., Obongo, Inc. and various cable systems and other businesses.

2000 Transactions

      In 2000, America Online entered into several business combinations accounted for under the purchase method of accounting, including the acquisitions of 100% of, Inc., iAmaze, Inc., LocalEyes Corporation and the 20% interest in Digital City, Inc. that it did not already own. The aggregate purchase price, including transaction costs, was approximately $357 million. America Online recognized goodwill of approximately $343 million on these acquisitions. The financial results of these acquisitions have been included in America Online’s financial results since their respective acquisition dates. In addition, America Online completed mergers with Prophead Development, Inc. (“Prophead”) and Inc. (“MapQuest”) which were accounted for using the pooling-of-interests method. In connection with these mergers, America Online issued approximately 12.3 million shares for all of the outstanding common shares of the acquired companies. As Prophead’s historical results were not material in relation to those of America Online, the financial information prior to the acquisition of Prophead has not been restated to reflect the results of this acquisition. The accompanying financial statements have been restated to include the results of MapQuest for all periods presented. For the year ended December 31, 2000 (through the date of the merger) MapQuest’s revenues were approximately $22 million and the net loss was approximately $22 million.


Partnership Structure

      TWE is a Delaware limited partnership that was capitalized in 1992 and currently owns and operates substantially all of the Filmed Entertainment-Warner Bros., Networks-HBO and The WB Network, and