Section 16 Filings

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William P. Barr
Jeffrey L. Bewkes
Robert C. Clark
Mathias Döpfner
Jessica P. Einhorn
Carlos M. Gutierrez
Fred Hassan
Paul D. Wachter
Deborah C. Wright
Former Directors
James L. Barksdale
Stephen F. Bollenbach
Executive Officers
Jeffrey L. Bewkes
(Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer)
Howard M. Averill
(Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer)
Paul T. Cappuccio
(Executive Vice President & General Counsel)
Gary L. Ginsberg
(Executive Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications)
Karen Magee
(Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer)
Carol A. Melton
(Executive Vice President, Global Public Policy)
Olaf Olafsson
(Executive Vice President, International & Corporate Strategy)
Douglas E. Horne
(Senior Vice President and Controller)

All Recent Insider Transactions

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Transaction DateFilerFilingShares TradedPriceTotal Held*
06/01/18Barr William P. Director
View Filings: 47 
Form 40(I)03,845
06/01/18Clark Robert Charles Director
View Filings: 73 
Form 42,117032,512
06/01/18Dopfner Mathias  Director
View Filings: 68 
Form 463693.8928,206
06/01/18Einhorn Jessica P. Director
View Filings: 79 
Form 41,613025,046
06/01/18Gutierrez Carlos M. Director
View Filings: 29 
Form 40(I)04,825
06/01/18Hassan Fred  Director
View Filings: 39 
Form 42,117049,089
06/01/18Wright Deborah C. Director
View Filings: 67 
Form 41,613025,379
05/01/18Bewkes Jeffrey L. Director, Chairman of the Board and CEO
View Filings: 306 
Form 4102(I)94.2723,888
04/15/18Ginsberg Gary L. Executive Vice President
View Filings: 114 
Form 411596.6835,559
02/15/18Averill Howard M. EVP & Chief Financial Officer
View Filings: 70 
Form 46,49294.9995,744
* Represents the number of non-derivative securities directly held
(I) Indicates that some (or all) of these shares are held indirectly